Monday, April 1, 2013


Here are some prospective blog posts:

  • Somebody Keep an Eye on the Widow
  • Seattle Self Service Cremation
  • The Great Rain Barrel Disaster
  • Smile When You Hand Over the Death Certificate
  • Things People Say
  • Stages of Grief
    • I Didn’t See the 2x4 Coming
    • Rage: Who to be Mad At?
    • Guilt: Me
    • Acceptance, reluctantly
  • “But That’s Different”
    • If It Had Been Me
  • I Am Not Dead Too (a credit bureau thinks I’m dead)
  • The Lay Off
    • Getting the Notice
    • Retraining
      • For what?
  • Venn Diagram (of me, before/after)
  • Grief Walking
    • How My Dog Saved my Life
  • Tough Love (my sons practice it on me)
  • The Little Things Which are All the Things
  • How Do I Miss Thee? (I can’t count that high)
  • Who Will Kill the Spiders?
    • Who Died and Left Me in Charge?
  • Gardening while Grieving
  • Archaeological Discoveries (digging up the wine corks)
  • There is No Joyous Place (sorry, yoga teacher)
  • I Don’t Care What You Say, said my Mother
  • Mother Superior (role model widows....which one will I follow?)
  • Just What IS a Widow, Anyway?
  • Vow of Silence (Seems like I’m unwillingly observing it on two levels)
    • I Can Talk to the Animals (and walls, and weeds, and my car)
    • Say His Name
      • Not “he would want you to....”
      • Not “he wouldn’t want you to...”
      • Just tell me a story
  • The 5th Season (lasts 365 days a year)
  • Flash Mob Memories
  • The “Act As If” Program
  • She Looks Okay Now (whew, we’re all off the hook!)
    • Moving forward diagonally
  • Piece by Piece (stitching together tiny scraps of happiness, wherever found, no matter how small)
  • Palimpsest 

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