Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Do What You Fear....

I fear a lot of things so I have much to do.  Today I started a new project that involves a zipper.  Three of them actually!  And faux leather.  It is this roomy, pretty, and practical
travel tote bag.  It will be mostly dark green batik with textured faux leather pockets and handles.  The inside will be lined with light green batik.  If I am diligent and careful, it will be gorgeous!  I'm thinking positively here.

It will have room for an umbrella, water bottle, small laptop, tablet, or Kindle. There are many little pockets for goodies that anybody would need: cards, wallet, paper, pens, stamps, journal.  The instructions say that you could keep a passport and/or airline ticket in there too but I'm more cautious. My plans for it involve my solo driving trips.

So, let the sewing commence!

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