Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Would you like a side of.....

....effects with your chemo?  Many extra items have been on the chemo menu since this began five years ago.  Nausea, fatigue, peeling and painful skin on feet and hands, and of course hair loss.  I know that hair loss is traumatic for many, as it probably would be for me, but these others hurt.   Radiation served a hefty helping of burnt skin.  The newest offering is mouth sores.  Mark was nearly unable to eat dinner tonight due the painful mouth.  I scraped half of his meal into the recycle bin.  In my own anxiety, I ate enough for him too.  So what can he do?  Salt water rinses several times a day for one.  Today Patty gave him a bottle of  pink "magic mouth wash". It's a medicated mouth wash with benadryl and mylanta that numbs his mouth.  He says it's like a shot from the dentist.  He'll try it tomorrow before breakfast to see if he can eat comfortably and if he can taste the food.   People with sore mouths and esophaguses (esophogi?)  use this.  Just one more thing that adds to the difficulty of living with cancer.  One more thing that chips away at life's joys.

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