Friday, July 8, 2011

Gray Friday

Another gray day before summer (we hope) returns for the weekend.  I don't have a lot of plans for the day, or for the summer in fact.  When school ended two weeks ago, people would say, "So, any plans for the summer?"  I'd have to say, "Oh, just hanging out at home, on the patio, working in the yard."  Making plans, anticipating pleasant things is a whole different ball game when cancer takes a bigger role in your life.  I could have said, "Well, every other Friday we will see the oncologist, Mark will have an infusion, we'll make sure there are enough painkillers on hand (they know Mark at the Walgreen's pharmacy), that he gets enough rest, keep an eye on the edema in the legs, watch for the infection....."But that brings people down and makes them feel guilty for even asking, so what's the point?  There are still plenty of fun things we can do (and we do).  You find your fun/pleasure/happiness/contentment in a smaller world.

We're actually going to a movie this afternoon.  Mark was able to get some time off, and we're heading out in a few minutes to see Super 8. 

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