Monday, July 11, 2011

People Ask, cont.

People sometimes ask me, "Does Mark still work?"  They are often surprised, that yes, he does have a job.  It's a demanding job and he works long hours.  Fortunately he is able to work out of the house.  If working virtually weren't possible, he'd have had to quit.  He needs access to the comfort and facilities here at the house.  And his job is the source of our decent health insurance.  Why do people seem surprised to hear that a man with serious cancer is still on the job, providing for his family, and contributing?  Because the word cancer conjures up terrible images of disability, death, and general withdrawal from the world of the "normal".   We know that people can be cured, sometimes against all odds.  Their treatment ends, they visit the oncologist for checkups to watch for recurrence.  That's not in the picture for Mark: Dr. S. treats the cancer as a "chronic condition".  There are a lot of people living and working with cancer in their lives.  Lives, people, lives.

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