Monday, November 7, 2011

Walking and Talking

South on Monroe Ave, 4:40 PST

Maia and I hit the road at 4:22 this afternoon. I was tempted to take a pass, after work and stopping at the CPA for my tax form.  Maia was too eager and ready, so I thought well I'll do it, just don't think: change clothes, leash up the dog and get out.  Who is going to bother me with a large dog and later on, a bag of you-know-what? 
Lately on my walks I imagine that I'm chatting with Mark.  He would be glad to know that Maia is getting what she needs: walks, play, meals, and attention. He would say,
"Hiya Toots, how are you doing?"
"I'm okay, best I can do.  How are you?"
"Doin' more cancer, or chemo."
"That's good but I really miss you."
"You have to go on, right?  You're doing what needs to be done?"
"Yes, dear...."
"That's my line!"
"I know, but I REALLY miss you.  I wear your tatty plaid shirt, did you know that?  And your wedding ring, and your Cannon Beach jacket." 
"Are you crying a lot?"
"Not as much, but it comes and goes.  When I look at your empty side of the bed, I do cry."
"Well, stop it!"
"And if it were me??"
"But that's different....."

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