Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Death and Taxes

My first year of filing taxes on my own brought a surprise.  I received a 1099-Misc tax form from the Boeing Company two days ago.  Last fall, after Mark's death (hard to write that word, but I have to use it and not a euphemism), I received his residual pay, and vacation pay.  It was nice but not the million and a half that Boeing said I received!  Today, I and over 500 others, received another letter telling us that a new form was coming and sincerely apologizing for the error.

I think what is hardest so far about the tax situation is that I have to check myself as "single".  I certainly don't feel single.  I don't want to be single, can't bear to think of removing my wedding ring.

And I really dread Valentine's Day without my first and only Valentine, my true love and best friend.

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